Born(eo) to be Wild

Borneo; the world’s third largest island harbouring species rich rainforest, estimated to be at least 130 million years old, home to around 100 endemic animal species alongside 6000 endemic plant species. Yet still new species are being discovered in the heart of Borneo at the rate of around three per month! This biodiverse ecosystem really … More Born(eo) to be Wild

Sealing is Believing

I have just reluctantly returned from a week away in the wonderfully wild Northumberland – the furthest North I have ever ventured! The wide sandy beaches that stretch for miles without encountering another soul, except for the warm smile and wagging tail of a local walker and their four-legged friend, are a far-cry from the … More Sealing is Believing

S.A Diaries – Lions & Giraffe & Elephants oh my!

Monday 20th June Following the surprise sighting of two lionesses yesterday morning, we were all on high alert in the back of the truck hoping that something would again emerge from the dawn shadows of the surrounding bush to say hello. But this pensive hope combined with our cold and barely-awake selves encourages the mind … More S.A Diaries – Lions & Giraffe & Elephants oh my!